A Very Cherry Variety of Marketing Solutions

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Marketing Solutions Tailored To Your Business...

Marketing Solutions Tailored To Your Business...

Cherry Marketing Agency was born when our CEO, Jenni Kulzer, decided that there was a better way to offer marketing solutions to companies. She worked in the corporate world for more than 10 years, and watched marketing agencies all over the United States over-charge and under-deliver for their clients.

She realized that the standard pricing and structure for marketing services from typical agencies made it impossible for clients to compete with larger and more established businesses.

Jenni vowed to change all that. Cherry Marketing Agency is lead generation focused and gives businesses a larger foothold in the market. Jenni knew this wouldn’t be accomplished with a typical selection of services, so she developed a new way of doing business that include a multitude of customized marketing solutions.

A Very Cherry Speaker

Our CEO, Jenni Kulzer, speaks on a variety of topics, which include: standing out from your peers, how to get ahead in your workplace, putting together marketing tools for successful marketing tactics and lead generation (The Marketing Tacklebox), and how to create and promote a distinctive brand for your company. As an experienced speaker, Jenni captivates and educates her audience.  Jenni breaks down concepts in layman’s terms, and gives business owners and marketing professionals a list of practical expectations, and questions to ask when hiring an outside marketing firm.

Jenni also creates and tailors content for individual speaking engagements including keynote speeches, and presentations for specific companies.  Contact us today to book time on Jenni’s schedule!

Full Service Marketing Agency

Cherry Marketing Agency, first and foremost, is a full service marketing agency. We launch new businesses and specialize in brand definition, logos, website builds, copy writing, printed and promotional collateral design, social media management, and SEO. Literally, Cherry Marketing Agency can and will manage any and all aspects of your marketing efforts. We do this most efficiently by offering our services a’la carte. Our ongoing services (SEO and social media management) are offered with NO CONTRACTS, because we want our clients to WANT to work with us, and not be trapped by a contract. Our branding, logo and design services are world-class, and of the exact same quality as you would expect from a typical agency. Best of all, our clients receive professional marketing advice tailored for their particular industry. In fact, we’d like you to think of Cherry Marketing Agency as your very own, personal marketing team.

Marketing Audits

Cherry Marketing Agency truly understands the frustrations that come with spending money on marketing efforts and not seeing any of those efforts come to fruition, or not being able to understand or interpret the results from those efforts. Cherry Marketing Agency offers a thorough and professional audit of all your marketing expenditures. You will understand how much money is spent on marketing efforts, and how much of that money spent is being spent effectively. Also, Cherry Marketing Agency will offer advice as to how to stretch your marketing dollars further, with better and more targeted results.


Jennifer Kulzer

Owner, CEO

Jenni Kulzer, our lead marketing expert, CEO, and all-around superstar has been in marketing, training, and communications for over 15 years. She is a creative director, a professional public speaker, and an international trainer.

Jenni started Cherry Marketing Agency when she realized that business owners often struggled more than necessary because of inadequate marketing efforts. Business owners needed an agency that would focus on increasing sales and clientele by implementing revenue generating campaigns and strategies, while eliminating unnecessary efforts. Jenni decided to help level the playing field, and Cherry Marketing Agency was born. Contact Jenni today, or connect with Cherry Marketing Agency on social media.



Cherry Marketing Agency is dedicated to supporting the American Liver Foundation in honor of Lesley Anne Potts, the late sister of our CEO. Lesley was a sweet young woman whose life ended at the age of 30 due to liver failure. We here at Cherry Marketing want to do what we can to help others affected by and at risk of liver issues by donating a portion of our proceeds to the American Liver Foundation.