Marketing Audits

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Marketing Audits for Frustrated Business Owners

Cherry Marketing knows how frustrating it can be to watch thousands of dollars disappear each month to marketing efforts, without seeing any apparent results.

Cherry Marketing can help audit your current marketing expenditures, including payroll, social media paid ads, magazine and other printed paid ads, printed materials such as brochures, business cards, letterhead, signage, and promotional materials.  Cherry can help you decide which marketing efforts and expenses are worth continuing and which need to be changed.

Cherry Marketing will also help you set quarterly and annual goals for your marketing efforts that can be easily measured and monitored throughout the year so that you can see the effects your marketing dollars are having on your business.

Prices and time frame varies based on the complexity of the current marketing efforts, and subsequent details of the Cherry Marketing audit.


Cherry Marketing is dedicated to supporting the American Liver Foundation in honor of Lesley Anne Potts.